20 Years Women and Earth
September 22-25, 2016, Asp near Aarau, Switzerland, herzberg.org Asp near Aarau, Switzerland


20 Years
and Earth

22.–25., 2016
Asp near Aarau

Laila Spik

Mediator of Sami culture and natural medicine, and representative of one part of our European roots.

Laila Spik was born into a family of Sami reindeer nomads in Jokkmokk, Sweden. She devotes herself to the task of conveying and carrying on her culture’s ancient wisdom.

Laila Spik was born in Jokkmokk, Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle, in 1949. She grew up as the eldest of three sisters. Her parents were reindeer nomads from the Sirkas Sameby and bearers of Sami cultural knowledge. It was important for them to instill in their daughter an awareness of her cultural inheritance and the knowledge of how to live from what nature offers.

Laila studied to become an elementary school teacher, but after a severe and fateful traffic accident, she decided to devote her life exclusively to communicating her Sami culture. She realized that this ancient wisdom was in danger of being lost forever and she made it her task to carry it forward. Today, she passes it along to her own children, to the next generation of Sami people in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia, and to people around the world. Laila has been awarded many prizes and accolades in recognition of her activities as a bearer and communicator of Sami culture.

At her summer camp in Saltoluokta, and as her parents did before her, she always keeps her door open for people from all over the world who would like to share her abundant treasury of Sami cultural wisdom.