20 YEARS Women and Earth
September 22–25, 2016 Asp near Aarau, Switzerland, herzberg.org Asp near Aarau, Switzerland


20 Years
and Earth

22-25, 2016
Asp near Aarau

Where do we come from?
What are our roots?
And where do we want to go?

We will explore these questions as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of “Women and Earth.”

Our festival’s guests are women from countries where ancient shamanic healing ways are still active and effective. We’ve also invited companions from schools that stand for the revival of shamanism in Western culture and for the recollection of its female roots. The shamanic worldview sees everything as ensouled. It gives us tools with which we can travel through time. And it can help us find answers to the profound questions: “Where do we come from? And where do we want to go?”

Workshops and plenum discussions will be offered during this four-day festival. Exhibitions and future workshops will enable us to deeply immerse ourselves in these themes. This is intended to be a familial and easily understandable festival, where people can encounter one another and engage with one another. There will be live concerts and opportunities to dance in the evenings. For stillness, a sweat-lodge ceremony will be offered. With song and dance, we will strengthen our growing community. The festival concludes on Sunday with a big council meeting dedicated to the question: “In what direction do we want to grow?” The planned program is a living process and will be continually augmented. The latest information will be regularly uploaded onto the website.

We want to write a “new story” during this workshop, even while we’re still in the process of dreaming ourselves into this new story. We’ll listen deeply in the field of collective wisdom and we’ll engage ourselves with what wants to come into being for the good of everyone and for the next generations. This festival is intended to be sustainable because the time has come to write a new story. That’s why the festival should provide a platform for us to collectively find practical ideas for living this new story and for transforming it into reality.

The festival should give us opportunities to look and to question with open hearts and open minds:

How does it look, this new story that we wish for ourselves and our Earth?
How can continue to carry forward the best from the ancient stories?
How do the ancestors’ teachings guide us through these uncertain times?

Our wish is that every participant can depart after these four days are over with a profound sense of what the new story is for her and how she can live it and share it. The festival should be an evolutionary process, trusting that we can inspire and strengthen one another, form networks and projects, and conduct events to support the process of transforming the new story into tangible reality.

Event Location:

“Herzberg” (“Heart Mountain”) Seminar Centre near Aarau, Switzerland

Herzberg – Haus für Bildung und Begegnung (House for Education and Encounter)
CH – 5025 Asp ob Aarau